"Resendez Law Group has given me time and attention that went way beyond my expectations."
-J. Sawyer, Peoria

"I called so many law firms and nobody would help me. Mr. Resendez listened to my story, took my case, then went well above and beyond what I expected to deliver a great result for me. He also called me often to keep me informed." -Velma M.

"Rudy Resendez has become like family to me." -K. McGrath, Gilbert

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Rudy's Story - He Cares and Understands

As the holiday season was about to end on a cold, snowy Sunday night in January, in West Texas, eight-year old Rudy was a passenger in his mother Lupe's Ford station wagon. His mother was driving and his favorite aunt, grandmother, sister, great aunt and cousin were also passengers in the vehicle. The radio was on. They approached a popular railroad crossing in the area of town known as Ysleta. In those days, it was common for railroad crossings to have no flashing lights or functional gates that lowered when a train was approaching. Only a single, wooden sign painted black and white warned of the pending danger of oncoming trains. Unfortunately, on that night, one such train struck the station wagon and the violent collision left Rudy's mother dead at the age of 37 - way too young particularly for such a wonderful, loving and kind person loved by so many, especially her children, husband and extended family. Others were injured seriously but fortunately, all survived. Although decades have passed since that horrific night, the memories and impacts of the accident remain fresh in the mind and in the heart.

Fortunately, faith, family and friends enabled us to move ahead after that tragic event. However, it clearly impressed upon me just how difficult serious accidents can be emotionally, physically, and financially on those impacted by them, whether you are among those injured in the accident or suffer the loss or injury to a loved one. It is with that perspective that Resendez Injury Law Group works so diligently to help you obtain the fair compensation that may be available to you when you are injured in an auto accident or other type of personal injury incident caused by the negligent acts of another person or group. Call us, Resendez Injury Law Group is hear to listen, guide and help you. You don't have to fight the battle against big insurance companies alone!

Speak directly with the Attorney

Clients have often shared with us that they had a previous case with other law offices but never or seldom spoke with the assigned attorney. Resendez Injury Law Group prides itself on being welcoming and friendly. We strive to listen, understand and then meet the needs of each client on a personal level. We also work hard to please every client regardless of whether the case value is high or relatively low. Every client deserves our best!

That is why when you hire Resendez Injury Law Group, in addition to getting to know Janet and Stacy in the office, you'll meet with Rudy directly for an initial discussion to understand the details of your auto accident or other personal injury case. This initial meeting is important to determine how we can best be of service to you. We are committed to openness and honesty in the assessment of your case and will give you our frank opinion regarding your case and the possible compensation available. Of course, there is no magical formula that determines case value, but we usually know from experience and/or research enough to provide some likely ranges that we can discuss with you. We believe being candid up front to help set expectations as to the value of a case enables clients to be happier with the settlements obtained or other possible outcome of their cases. After all, we want to serve you and your friends, family and co-workers for the next 20 years!

We Won't Back Down

We won't back down when it comes to taking on big insurance companies with their billions in assets. We strive hard to obtain the maximum compensation for EVERY client injured in an auto accident or other personal injury incident. If we don't feel the offer to settle a claim from the insurance company is reasonable, all things considered, we are willing to file suit and proceed to litigation if we feel that it's the best strategy for our client. Of course, the client must approve of that strategy and agree to become a willing participant in the litigation process.